I’ve got a Friend

Dragan Milev-Darry

I’ve got a friend, an old friend. He’s even older than I am.
When I was a child, he carried me on his shoulders, so I could see a long way.
He is a real friend. When he doesn’t have anything to say, he keeps quiet.
When he does, he says and doesn’t lie.
He’s black and shining, deep and endless.
I’m just happy.
He’s calm, because the worst already happened to him.
I’m free, because I’ve got nothing to lose.
He’s strong, because he’s pure.
I’m just rich.
ImageI can be a scholar with the scholars, but with him I’m just a poet.
He loves the art in himself, not himself in the art.
He doesn’t look for recognition, that’s why it can’t be taken away from him.
I don’t want the impossible from him, because his possibilities are boundless.
He’s lucky that he’s glorious.
I just have a luck.

My name is Darry and it means warrior.
His name is Blues and it means Way.